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The Mustard Seed Farms
search for a new home has come to
Journeys End Farm in Rhode Island!

The Mustard Seed Farms is happy to announce our search for a new home has come to Journeys End Farm on 326 Nipmuc Road Scituate Rhode Island 02825.  Map Location

The Mustard Seed Farm at Journeys End is only about 20 minutes from I-295 and about 30 minutes from I-95 located on in picturesque Scituate. While on this beautiful scenic drive you will feel the hustle and bustle of everyday life dissolve and your worries melt away so that when you reach Journeys End you will be open to an amazing Equine Assisted experience! This historic equine estate is also where the Johnson and Wales equine program got its start.

Journeys End is situated on 35 acres with access over 200 acres of adjoining undeveloped land for trail rides, including neighboring Audubon Society George B Parker Woodland.  It has everything The Mustard Seed Farm was looking for with tons of wide open space for exploration with the ability to host fabulous fundraisers and large equine shows/events, lots of housing to accommodate more horses. With easy access to the facilities for clients, plenty of trails to ride as well as the potential for overnight programs and wonderful workshops.

The Mustard Seed Farm

Features Include:

  • Year Round Riding
  • large 70’X 200′ indoor arena
  • large outdoor arena
  • Tons of Housing for Horses
  • 24 stalls in the main barn including 2 indoor wash stalls
  • 6 stalls in the small barn
  • all day turnout with plenty of room for additional paddocks and pasture space.

Facilities Includes:

  • 550sq foot heated observation room with a beautiful stone fireplace, lots of windows for natural light and seated viewing to the arena as well as a functional kitchen.
  • An immaculate tack room plus individual tack lockers large enough for western saddles
  • A heated bathroom with a shower!
  • And again plenty of room on the property for trail rides and nature exploration. It even has the potential for cross country courses.
The Mustard Seed Farm

The Mustard Seed Farm is so excited to provide much needed healing services to the New England area

Please visit Our Services page for more information about the programs we offer.


We are very excited by the all new Seeds of Courage program offered in Rhode Island.

  • Our Seeds of Courage program will provide Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy for military personnel and public service employees to support them in personal and professional development. Providing access to an engaging and therapeutic relationship with equines, we offer an experience and opportunity that is specific to this demographic. The Seeds of Courage Program will encompass aspects of all of the Mustard Seed programs and be geared to fit the specific needs of the individual.


  • The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs estimates that Post Traumatic Stress afflicts as many as one-quarter of the troops returning from the Middle East, or about 300,000 men and women. The growing field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is showing great promise in treating veterans and their families who suffer from the nightmares, anxiety, depression, anger, irritability and other debilitating effects of this invisible, yet very real disability. The Mustard Seed Farm, Seed of Courage program, will address the need for PTSD treatment in Rhode Island by utilizing horses as well as therapists.

Supporting our Emergency Responders and our Troops!

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) & Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (EAL)

Horses are very much like humans in that they are social creatures. They have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods. Horses have the ability to mirror human body language making them natural therapists and teachers. Horses provide unconditional acceptance. When horses react to our body language, this gives incredible and immediate feedback to what participants are communicating non-verbally.In EAP and EAL the participants, specialists, and horses gather in an arena together. The participants are then presented with specific challenges to partake in with the horses. The challenges are not always easy. Participants learn if they want to change the horses behavior, they must change their own behavior, thoughts, and feelings first. EAP and EAL are POWERFUL because it’s not just talking, it’s DOING! 

One Soldier’s determination to walk again leads him to discover a love of riding.