Horses are very much like humans in that they are social creatures. They have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods. Horses mirror human body language making them natural teachers.  Horses provide unconditional acceptance. Horses react to our body language, this gives us incredible and immediate feedback to what individuals are communicating non verbally. ” A horse knows when you know…and they know when you don’t”  Individuals learn if they want to change the horses behavior, they must change their own behavior, thoughts and feelings first!  Our Equine programs, challenge and develop strong, confident individuals with hands on learning and natural horsemanship skills.

Please contact us for pricing for classes, workshops, miniature horse classes, riding programs.  All workshops can be for individuals,schools, management teams,   Our programs are designed to fit your needs! Contact us for pricing on sessions and workshops. Sessions or workshops can be for individuals, families, classrooms, management teams, etc.

School Visits

Equine Assisted Growth & Learning School Visit Workshops nurture children’s personal and social development through practical activities with mini horses, incorporating creative writing and art activities.

Workshops offered include:

  1. Circle of Friends

This workshop explores:

  • Building Healthy Friendships
  • Listening Skills & Communication
  • Expression of Feelings
  • Trust
  1. Sticks & Stones

This workshop explores:

  • Bullying & Conflict Resolution
  • Self-Esteem
  • Recognizing Differences
  • Anger Management
  1. All Aboard!

This workshop explores:

  • Teamwork & Cooperation
  • Individual Strengths and How We Use Them to Help Others
  • Trust
  • Listening Skills & Communication

Our program coincides with the American School Counselor Association, National Standards For Students.

For a detailed printable PDF outline:  click here 

Teambuilding Workshops

Participant’s day will be filled with Team Building activities that are unique, fun, and a powerful way to “think outside the box”. Participants will learn about themselves and those they work with through Equine Growth and Learning, and also have the opportunity to experience, games, and scavenger hunts. All activities offer opportunities to improve communication skills, gain personal insights, and encourage discussion. These workshops are perfect for co-workers, schools, churches, and many other groups. The experience will provide the team with new and effective problem-solving tools that build cohesion and enhance moral!

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”

~Kenyan Proverb

Bullying Workshops

Bullying among our youth is not a new issue, but using Equine Assisted Growth & Learning to address it is. Our bullying workshops help children build self-confidence, nurture empowerment through appropriate conflict-resolution, explore assertive communication, develop anger management skills, while providing a safe environment to have fun and strengthen self-care skills.

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” ~Harvey Fierstein