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Meet Our Staff

Peg Trimmer

Peg’s love for horses began as a child. She rode her first pony at her relative’s farm where she loved to visit, and dreamed of having a horse of her own one day. When Peg’s family moved to the country her dream came true. She showed horses in 4-H and AQHA. But her favorite time was spent in the quiet moments with April’s Princess, brushing her in the stall or just walking in the woods. She has always had a deep understanding, empathy, and love for all animals. Peg went into social work as a career in 1990. She worked with Juvenile Court, Department of Social Services, The Methodist Home for Children, and for several school systems. She is a Licensed MAPP (Foster Care Trainer), and a Licensed EAP and EAL Equine Therapist. She worked as a Special Advocate with juvenile offenders, and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Peg has a passion for Equine Therapy, and believes it’s a wonderful tool to help adults, children, and families understand more about themselves and one another. She started The Mustard Seed Equine Therapy Program in North Carolina, and then moved her business to Ohio when her Mother became ill.

Peg has two sons and four grandchildren. She has four horses, Tripp, Jewel, Impressive Miss and Cisco Kid. Her beloved horse, Heart’s Desire (Dez) passed away in September, 2011. (Find out how she inspired the program on “Our Story” page). All of the horses have worked with adults, families & children, and all of them have their own stories.

  • Beth
  • Beth

Beth DiCicco

Riding since she was 11 years old, Beth has competed in the hunter/ jumper circuit and done eventing and dressage.  She ran a private Thoroughbred breeding/ racing sport horse farm for 12 years.  She has been a free-lance horse trainer for 25 years and opened Wolf Ridge for business 15 years ago.
Beth became interested in Natural Horsemanship because of certain un-ridable horses with big issues, such as aggressiveness towards humans even on the ground. She joined The Mustard Seed Farm in 2014. See her Wolf Ridge Farm HERE

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Tripp & Jewell

Tripp (gelding) and Jewell (filly) are brother and sister. They share the same father (Grullo Joe King), and were both born in the spring of 2008. The Mustard Seed Farm brought them home on September 6th, 2008. Tripp and Jewell are the Horse Therapists of the Equine Psychotherapy & Growth and Learning program. Both of them are very kind, curious, and ornery. They love working and living together and always bring interesting and funny challenges to the ring when doing Equine sessions.